Photographers, designers, mad artistic geniuses

We are the creative talent of St Andrews.

Our creative visions are as diverse as our backgrounds, check out our individual portfolios for a closer look at what we can do. 



Lightbox's talent stretches far beyond St Andrews.

Our alumni are doing incredible things all over the world, from graphic designers and wildlife filmmakers to publishers and leading consultants.  The Lightbox family is a unique network of creative minds.

The alumni network

Ania Juszczyk

Samuel Jackson

Amir Emami

Luke Arghiros

Alexandrina Fleming

Emily Friis-Hansen

Oliver McKenzie

Anna Dunlop

Chloe Sidey

Tony Heron

Hannah Wyles

Toby Lowenstein

Cameron Prentice

Mariah Dennis

Tom Oldridge

Emily Montay

Henri Cooney

Ewan Harvey

Alanna Gow

Björn Lambrenos

Maddy Bazil

Louis Catliff

Julia Caira

Taylor Almeraz